Story of My Life

The Langlands School and College Chitral

My story began when I entered my junior high and when my classmates started making fun of my surname which at that time was Kulsoom.  So, I decided to change it and use Hasanat as my surname as I thought that it will suit me more and at least nobody will be able to call me Gusloom anymore.  Since then I have always stood up for what should be right, not just for me but for all others too.  Growing up in the small town of Chitral with minimal exposure and knowledge about the outer world I thought I’ll never be able to make this far but somehow there was Ray of Hope inside me from my childhood which always compelled me to fight no matter what.

view of Chitral Town

I completed my high School in Chitral with flying colors in 2011 which was “The Langland’s School and College” and decided to join Forman Christian College, Lahore. Apparently, at that time, I was amongst the top 5 students in my class and my principle Respected Mr. G.D Langland awarded me a full-tuition scholarship due to which I am here right now.  Coming from Chitral and settling here was the most difficult task for me as I was unaware of many things. Students here were very different and the hostel life at the beginning here in Lahore sucked literally. I thought I should quit and go back because I thought I wasn’t fit here but somehow due to the courage given to me by my beloved mother(Nani), I decided to stay and complete my degree which by the grace of Allah I eventually did. When I came here I was blank as to what to do and what not to do. it all seemed like a mirage to me, a big city, independent life, and a big task to decide my subject for honors. I had studied Pre-Medical and I hated the medical profession I don’t know why So, I decided to take my Baba’s footsteps and I opted for business studies, from then it was like a roller coaster for me, alien courses, calculations God! I was literally stumped by even the thought of accounting and I used to have nightmares of my accounting instructor which I get sometimes even now. because I hated the subject and the instructor so much, I even cursed her many times when she behaved like an extraterrestrial to me. despite,  all the hustle-bustle, difficulties, and with sheer excitement I completed my bachelor’s and was much relieved.

Graduation day! to my left is my younger brother Subur and towards the right is second younger brother Burhan
Girls Hostel”Hope Tower” FCCU

Talking about university life and friends In FC I always felt an affiliation with the Gilgit and Pakhtoon community. I don’t know why but I always felt a bond with them and many of my best friends, later on, happened to be from Quetta, Chitral, and  Hunza valley a few very good ones from Lahore too but one special friend from Taif, Saudi Arab. As I did my bachelor’s in Business studies where Marketing was my major because I always thought to become a marketer and an entrepreneur in order to help Chitrali women with firstly education and secondly labor, for which I started a joint venture with my friend where we provided women of Chitrali a place with sewing machines and all other material needed for sewing, knitting, and for work related to handicrafts. They were paid for their labor and we use to sell those handicrafts in Lahore and  Islamabad but later on due to the lack of capital we had to stop it, but I am sure I will start it again someday with full swing In shaa Allah.

E-Block FCCU aka Business Dept

During my bachelor’s degree, I fell many times but I stood up firm again which now, I realize was the most important thing. I  experienced many workforce environments as a Marketing student I worked with many professionals which only added to my work experience and along with business studies I had chosen Education as my minor studies for which I had a passion since childhood, for that also I did many independent courses and volunteer teaching at the HOPE school of FC College where children from a low economic background study without giving any fee.  I still count it among my best experiences, I wanted to study education but the real motivation behind it was Sir Adil Arshad My Education instructor what a teacher what a human being, Wonderful!. He so far was the best teacher I could ever have in my life, he was always very motivated and the best in whatever he did so, I owe big thanks to him for making me more humble as a human and more tolerant towards our teacher’s students and all other people.

Sir Adil Arshad receiving Teacher of the year award from James Tebbe Rector FCCU

Joining CPPG “Centre for Public Policy and Governance”, FCCU was also a very sudden plan of mine as I wanted to try something different and pursue my thirst for knowledge after graduation and for a person like me who already had spent 4 years of life in Lahore it was not a difficult choice to choose FC again. Here, this time I chose public policy because what they were offering was not being offered by anyone else in the country and the faculty with personalities like Dr. Sikander Hayat, Dr. Saeed Shafqat Dr. Imdad Hussain, Dr. Charles Ramsey and courses like Conflict Resolution, Human Development, Informal Economy and Urban Development, Conflict Negotiation and Disaster Management, I seriously couldn’t have asked for more because these people are the best at whatever they are doing. along With that, I started an independent association of Chitrali student in Lahore which is called CSWAL which is the “Chitrali Student Welfare Association Lahore” where I serve as Senior Vice-president.  In there we work for the betterment of Chitrali students provide them with occupancy needs at first in Lahore and we also provide information about the admission procedure of different universities here to the students back in Chitral.  This association is a non-profit organization solely made for the help and betterment of Chitrali students and its CEB consists of all university students who voluntarily work for the association and we depend on sponsors, and donors to continue and sustain our work under the association.

First Oath-taking Ceremony of CSWAL, CEB members with Minister Higher Education Syed Raza Gillani

By Now, I have almost completed my course work at the CPPG and this May will be my last month in course work after that I will be starting my thesis for which I am thinking to work on the peace and harmony between the kalasha tribe and the chitrali people under the domain of public policy and governance with my concentration, which is conflict resolution and peacebuilding IA, along with that I want to go work with CSWAL more in order to overcome the problems of chitrali students and provide them with the best of education which they truly deserve and after completing my thesis I want to go for a double major in Entrepreneurship abroad to expand my horizons and come back to Chitral and start my endeavors of entrepreneurship, education and policy-making of course.

Lahore new food street now my second home

25 thoughts on “Story of My Life

  1. Mashallah a role model for all chitrali girls… with all due respect i have a little bit objection on role of CSWAL & other Chitral student association whether in Peshwar,Hazara, & Islamabad.How much these Associations help out Chitrali students?Have these Association approve any extra seats for chitrali students in universities of there respective cities?Have they ever granted a single scholarship for Chitrali students?i dnt think so…..In this digital era i dnt think any of student rely on these association for admission in any university of Pakistan.These association have only two session welcome party and farewell party nothing more than that.
    But i hope CSWAL will work for the betterment of chitrali students a i see many on talented students in CSWAL cabinet which i know them personally… i hope and i believe CSWAL will be totally different association than rest of so called Chitral student association in other cities of Pakistan…
    Best of Luck for future……

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  2. Thankyou so much for your warm comments. however, on the role of CSWAL you will In shaa Allah see it for yourself soon, we are giving our 100% and we want to help all the students, that’s the sole objective. we are not associated in any way with other chitrali associations anywhere in Pakistan. and I assure you we are going to benefit many students in Chitral In shaa Allah.


  3. InshaAllah, yes i agree CSWAL is totally different from other i said i know many of CSWAL cabinet members personally some are my friends and some are my brothers.Its an association of energetic & talented students who are willing to do some thing good for chitrali students whether in form of guidence, scholarships,solving problems of students etc.. All prayers are with u.May Allah reward u for the good work u all are doing…

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  4. Amazing journey! I’ve seen a lot of people from GB&C, including myself :-D, who come from the mountains with very little exposure and compete as equally as any other kid in the city. Good luck to you for everything ahead.

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  5. Anica, it was the best read of this weekend, thank you for giving us this opportunity to know about yet another girl from Chitral. It gives us pleasure, especially me, as I work in the development sector and involved in sort of women empowerment. Now, I have yet another story from my district, a case study and a matter of pride. Best wishes for your Kalasha project and hope to meet you somewhere during this venture as we are also up to something in that area this year. Appreciate your success and prayers.

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  6. Astounding story!! I know you had ups and downs in your life and sometimes you thought that you should just give up and go home but you didn’t you faced the hardships and that is the quality of strong hearted person .I am very happy for you.may Allah almighty give you all the happiness in world .❤️❤️

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    1. I am genuinely lucky to have a brother like you I could never have asked God for more. I see all of me in you and I know one day you shall make a name bigger than anybody else. I believe in you. You are my baby❤️


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