Benefits of Lip Scrubs ft Lueur

Lueur 100% Organic LipScrubs

Lip scrubs are not as viral of a product as lipsticks or any other makeup products are and people generally have less knowledge about them.  Lueur also takes this responsibility to aware its customers about the importance of Lip Scrubs.  On a very basic level, they are usually a moisturizer with an exfoliant.  Lueur produces fine sugar suspended in a paste of 100% organic Vaseline and coconut oil along with natural fruits essence of your choice.  As we all know Lips are the most sensitive part of our body so, Lueur’s pieces of advice you not to use a course exfoliant as that will damage your skin on the lips.  Also every time you apply any lip scrub be gentle as you don’t want to scrub off any healthy skin, and Lueur takes the responsibility of removing only the dead skin and make your lips look more fuller, plumper and bring out the natural color.

Few Essential benefits include:

  • First and most important Lip scrubs help to remove dead skin from your lips bringing out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth, and obviously more kissable!
  • With smooth lips, cosmetics will leave a much better result and will make lipsticks and lip liner much more effective and longer lasting.
  • Exfoliating one’s lips regularly keeps your lips moist and retains its moisture longer; helping to prevent cracked lips and make you look more pouty and healthy.

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