In a world full of empty people,

I want to feel human.

To listen to the hushed voices,

In the haze of the silence.

To befriend the stillness of solitude,

That wraps around me like a blanket or cocoon.

I hope to dwell in the never ending sky,

Protected from this twisted world and its bitter sweet lies.

I want to hold onto the innocence of childhood,

Where life isn’t based on ‘what ifs’ and ‘what could’.

I want to bear witness to genuine soft smiles,

A heart fluttering earnestly and loyalty never going out of style.

I want to inquire from those who speak of freedom,

Who shout it out and preach.

Who is free amongst us ‘slaves’?

Aren’t we all blinded by our aspirations?That in turn has dug our graves?

I want to sincerely know,

Is it too much…that my heart seeks for?

In a place, where pure intentions are of value no more,

I still long,

To feel nothing…but human.

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