Love Or Trade

full-we-love-trade-logo-02.pngI wonder how nowadays relationships have turned into greedy businesses. Brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives. be it any relation nowadays you have to give in order to get, you have to serve in order to get served, perhaps I am a little old-fashioned in my thoughts but I wonder where is the gist of love? which is selfless and harmless and unconditional where you do things for your loved ones without thinking of getting anything in return; where you feel happiness in their joy and let them glide like a seagull in the vast blue sky to make them realize the importance of relations their worth and the fact that there is a reason behind whatever they’ve done for you which is “love”. What sort of business is this what sort of deals are you people making I don’t get it, you are trading love for love? My dear let me tell you to love is not a commodity there are no boundaries in love no greed no compulsion no conditions, love means to give regardless of anything in return, and feeling happy about it.

My mom didn’t call me today I am not going to talk to her, Oh!! My mom called yesterday I should call her today. Dear me!! Mother calls for you every day everywhere she prays for your safety and health and wealth day and night yet you think she is not worth a call if she is away? What society are we growing into day by day love is turning into a commodity and people are trading it ruthlessly. One day I fear we will lose it because we don’t treasure it, we don’t respect it, money is more valuable than love sex is more valuable than love and for having something in return for love nowadays comes birthday parties and celebrations where this love takes a form called “Gifts”, the bigger the better. Alas!

This trade needs to stop… For heaven, sake understands the meaning of relations and the importance of love.

2 thoughts on “Love Or Trade

  1. You have missed something and mixed as well. Love is multifaceted concept and it has in history a very contexual meaning and interpretation. The above you mentioned is based on sufi tradition of Asia and love as trade (exchange) is Wester concept. In West love concept travelled in many forms to reach this stage where now love is sexual intimacy. Russian literature gradually puts love a passsion as well sex. Tagore conpectualizes love as making two into one and Sufi traditions differ the meaning of love and Passion. Love means lust and Eshq means Passion. I hope you here mean Passion not love.


    1. I mean love as whole in all relations not just the “Lust” or between partners in sexual relations. I am not even taking any reference from western definitions or eastern or what sufis says or what Tagore said about love. I just wrote what I feel about it nowadays. But I appreciate your reading and the points you made. Thanks a lot


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