Pseudo Beauty Goals​

Beauty goals make zero sense to me, to be honest, everyone one has their own beauty standards according to the place culture and age but what are these goals which we are setting for our coming generations? to have bigger butts, breasts or lips? or the fact that we don’t like ourselves, we are under complex and we want to change our appearance according to what society calls; “beautiful”? and who is beautiful or perfect? the celebrities who go under the knife to change their appearance and make their selves look better or I would say worse? It seems like a race and everybody is running after the perfect shape, size, and figure, In their pursuit of perfection they end up ruining their natural beauty for which they paid nothing to the creator. Nowadays cosmetic surgery is at boom surgeons are earning millions and billions for their wonders because guess what who wants normal lips everybody wants fuller lips like as of Kylie Jenner every body male or female wants the perfect figure those curves and seems like now for some people its like a hobby or when they get bored with their existing features every other month they go and come back with a new nose, lips, butts or breasts and it’s getting addictive according to AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS Of the nearly 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed in 2017, the top 5 were:

Kylie Jenner |

These are just a few procedures which now even teens are opting for because it’s on their fingertips if they have money why wouldn’t they change what they don’t like in their body after all “My Body My Rules”. is that really the case? to be very honest every cosmetic surgery doesn’t lead you to become a Jenner, Kardashian or any other “Perfect” celebrity it all has its cost and so many of them had already lost what they had and in the process of losing more. In Pakistan we are still stuck with colour stigmas I don’t know when will we get out of it but I can’t see anytime in near future and with that in Pakistan also women are opting for fillers, Botox and other un-natural means to look beautiful or perfect as far as the cosmetic surgery is concern we know it happens here but it’s not an epidemic yet like west right now, we just want to be “Gorri” and “Patli” that’s it.  on that note lets look at some of the masterpieces below:

Anushka Shahrma| youtube




Talking about beauty standards in Pakistan I believe skin color plays a very vital role to determine your beauty; if you are a light-skinned girl you are beautiful and wanted by all but if God forbids by any bad luck you are dusky or brown you are ugly and unwanted.

Fair & Lovely print ad
Moreover, it’s a game of marketing where the game changes when the marketers gain success in making us realize; we aren’t good enough or we are not according to what they call or proclaim “beautiful”, hence throwing us to a deep dark well of inferiority complex. for e.g in Pakistan, you can’t be (Never) dusky and lovely simple is that you have to be “Fair & Lovely” or else you will fall in the category of ugly, unlucky, unwanted and bonus to all that you’ll never get a groom if you are “Kali”. here I lost my standing in the society because guess what I am not Fair hence not even Lovely, Forgive me father for I have sinned “I was born Brown” and guess what? cherry on the icing is we actually are fool enough to buy this from them, we deliberately lower our self-esteem and buy those fairness creams to fit in their (Society) beauty standards and to fill their (Business Men) pockets it’s a win-win for them but a loss on both sides for all of us, first losing our self-esteem secondly losing our money.

[caption id="attachment_218" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Fair-and-Lovely-Cream-Report Fair and Lovely Print ad                                                                        P.S itni Gurantee Adamjee Insurance wallaey bhi nahi daitey.

In pakistan the current sales of fair & lovely amounts up-to approximately 53.2 tons, which generate a sales revenue of over Rs 1 billion annually and its considered to be pakistan’s no 1 fairness cream and one of the most selling product of Unilever source: RAVI MAGAZINE Published 18th December 2016, and according to the Women of Color in Popular Culture 2012  fair and lovely brand occupied 80% of the fairness cream market in India, and is one of Hindustan Unilever’s most successful cosmetics lines, these figures are increasing day by day to an alarming rate where our youth has forgotten to even accept themselves the way they are and love themselves for what they are buying these products in order to look beautiful for others? is this what we are giving to our next generation? whether its India or Pakistan this complex of being “Kali” is rooted very deep into our minds since the colonial era when the “Gorras” came here to rule us and tell us that we are inferior because we are brown thin and ugly and how they are white and superior, when will we get out of it? are we free yet? or they left us imprisoned with their mindset forever? why can’t we see the beauty of nature and let our kids nurture in an environment full of positivity and acceptance where no brown girl is degraded and no light-skinned girl gets unnecessary benefits, why can’t now we be literate enough to raise a less racist and more of a moral society where genders are treated equally and morally where all skin colors are respected the same way and are recognised by their intellect, art, and morals? not by their color gender body or body assets.  I believe its high to change if not for our selves for the sake of our upcoming generations stop this nonsense for heaven sake.

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