Life is a Hoax..

We hustle everyday thinking how to complete our respective degrees, get a nice Job, a good home, a good car etc. Little we realise that every single of these things aren’t guaranteed. We are chasing our dreams and some of us might not be sleeping some may be away from home and some of us will be struggling even to win that one loaf of bread for his/her entire family. I really don’t understand the fact that in doing all these things and running after degrees and jobs and money we have forgotten to be thankful for our lives and whatever life has given us in whole the nature has given us, shouldn’t we be feeling every breath we take? capturing the immense beauty in our eyes and giving love to our close ones? Why cant today we go to our parents and hug them kiss their hands and tell them that yes, we are here for you and we love you and we’ll be always here for you. Why don’t we take out sometime to call our mothers/fathers/Bfs or whoever that person might be; just call them and tell them we miss them and we love them because you can never know when will you lose someone very precious from your life don’t regret after losing them. I’d say this life is playing us and we are letting us being played. We need to take control of our selves; give love and respect to our close ones and spend maximum time with them express love to them and be thankful for whatever we have even if it’s a single parent or brother or a single room or a single meal at least you have it so, there is nothing to be sad about except for losing your loved ones. Don’t think its all for forever because it’s not, it seems like forever but it takes a blink of an eye to flip the coin and please don’t wait for your coin to flip. Stop running, competing or fighting life JUST START LIVING..

Dear Uncle Khalid May you Rest in eternal peace.😭 😭

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