Cyberbullying or Murdering

I have no words to express or explain what I am feeling right now. We all know by this Cyberbullying and trolling we have killed so many people, Anam Tanoli, Naila Rind,Amy Jayne are just a few names. .

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So many young adults die every year due to depression, anxiety, social pressure, peer pressure, ill-treatment by parents, bullying in general, Cyberbullying and slut shaming. young kids aged from 14-25 kill themselves because they lose hope in their selves, their close ones and I guess the entire humanity because when the time comes nobody cares. It’s a selfish world and like Darwin said “Survival of the fittest”.  How insensitive and selfish we have grown in this global village that we lead people to their death and mourn afterwards. what level of hypocrisy is that?

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How can we be so insensitive? What has gone wrong with humanity? Why can’t we for once take mental health seriously? Why everything is a joke for us? Where is humanity going? I am sick and tired of explaining it to people around me that stop f**king being narcissist, it is not cool at all stop laughing on someone’s failures and someones’ miseries because life is a circle what goes around come around and karma takes revenge like no other. Why can’t we be civil for once? Live and let live. Respect each other’s choices and keep some room for acceptance? Why can’t we bear one stupid song listen to it and move on with our lives? What the heck is wrong all the people it’s just a f**king SONG, not a Quranic Verse that if God forbids gone wrong it will be “Shirk” for the Ummah, and the heaven will fall on us. Momina Mustehsana nd Ahad raza Mir sang it in their own way they tried in their potential to make a cover of this old song and cover versions always tend to be different from the original song and that’s obvious. We have seen it like been there done that, dust it. but wait NO, in Pakistan how can we let that go I mean “Itni Bari Behurmati”? So, since its easy to target people thanks to “Twitter’s” tag facility Now, we can directly go to this platform tag the person and utter ultimate international shit like;

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.57.50 AM
I think you are right Valar Dohaeris. So you should think about what you are serving to the people and the fact that “Valar morghulis”. 
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.58.17 AM
first of all they are degrading a talented young lady and second of all they are promoting an ill-mannered kid like WTF!!
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.58.56 AM
So one song can destroy your music culture? like your this one tweet destroyed your morals. #NotSorry
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Burn your hearing aids don’t listen to her song you will be at peace.
Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 10.03.28 AM
if this is criticism then its the time to leave planet earth.  This I will call as “Horrendous”.

I seriously don’t get it like sometimes Okay! you don’t like some songs and when you don’t like it’s totally okay cool get done with it change the channel or the song move on, do your work. why the hell is everyone so free to go on twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tag Momina Mustehsan and make memes on her degrade her question her IQ slut-shame her and God knows what not. She has been in limelight from couple of years and has sang some pretty good songs like;

and many more I can give links to but I guess every body already knows, she has proved her self internationally not just by singing but also by her good will, Good nature,social Work and humanitarian approach too;

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 10.47.45 AM
So she is not just a “Stupid Blond Bimbo”

Now, coming towards her mental health and the depression which she as an individual was going through; rather battling it form a couple of months. she was out there she spoke about it and the entire industry supported her. She started to move on work a lot in order to get away from the depression zone as she mentioned in an interview with HSY on his talk show called ” Tonight with HSY”.  All of this was happening and then coke studio 11 happened and of course, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi were doing it this time they had to have her in the show because she has it all. doesn’t she? Coke Studio 11 this time gave us a very good diversity of songs rather “Music” some good compositions, some magical instrumentals like “Ya Qurban” and they brought the folk gist of music the raw elements and the cultural influences from Chitral to Balochistan from Seraiki to Pashto I mean that’s hell load of work to do in a country where you face extremism on its height, where nobody supports you in the government I mean let’s be honest who the hell gives a shit to what music is being produced in Pakistan and what support are the artists getting from the government? They are doing everything on their own. We as listeners as audience should be supporting them, we should be proud of them as a group of few people the took Pakistani music around the globe through Coke Studio, Indians come on YouTube and comment that yours Coke Studio is the best you guys are producing amazing music and what not. In all of this, their one experiment with this particular song which they tried to cover did not go the way we anticipated or we wanted. Eventually, nobody liked it and started trolling ONLY “Momina Mustehsan” I mean why? it was more than bullying and all in that fuss a lady jumps in the scene who apparently is a minister for human rights expressing her discontent about the song for which poor Momina was already getting hell load of hate, trolling, bullying, disrespectful memes, hate comments, slut-shaming, and God knows what not and tweets:

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.17.26 AM
Ma’am was it a song or Some AYYAT? YOU SEEM pretty much upset

I know she did it on her personal account and it’s her choice it’s her freedom of expression/speech to show whether she likes it or not it’s perfectly fine everybody else was also doing the same thing. Everybody had a platform but Ma’am you? on your personal account having almost 1.5M followers chose to tweet this? don’t you think being a public figure for such a big thing like Minister for Human Rights it’s slightly a big responsibility and you could have chosen other/better words like yeah “okay! I like the previous version more than this one” or “Maza Nahi Aya” or “The singers could have done better” but no you did not rather you called someones hard work someone’s passion as “horrendous”. and questioned the platform which brought the singers and the song there that why did they let this happen? to me as a normal person this does not make any sense because if we have freedom of expression and if it’s our right and if we are on our own than “Coke Studio” can do whatever they want to. aren’t they? they will cover the song the way they want to because they are doing it. If you know music better and if you can make your version which will make you happy please go on!!  what was the point in such an exaggerated tweet? Sorry!! but it really was just over a song? Fo’ Shizz.  I am just saying there is a way to show discontent or disagreement or dislike in a civil manner in a manner which will be less hurtful for the people who had put their heart, sweat and soul in something which they believe in. Why be so harsh and hateful? It would’ve been said nicely too. and all those who are saying why Momina jumped in and overreacted like a kid it’s okay she should take criticism and if she can’t she should stop singing and go back to US. like seriously? you judge these people “Celebs” just by looking at them on social media and you guys have no idea what they go through in their daily life just imagine if someone will call your song or your creation or your hard work as “horrendous” and why they let this happen I will so upset and yes, I also will defend my self and the fact that she never said SM is Cyberbullying her she only said at this time her tweet is acting like “oil in the fire” that’s what she meant when she said SM should be more responsible about her tweets, because after that more and more people started trolling her because now they had a ministers back. I mean what the fudge?

I am just so worried about where we are going as a nation? so insensitive so selfish self-contented spreading hate and negativity everywhere that poor girl is having panic attacks, she will go into depression again maybe she will attempt suicide God forbid and die eventually what then? will we all be pleased? for heaven sake stop spreading hate live and let live respect people who earn respect for themselves have some tolerance and patience don’t fuss on pity issues like a stupid song I mean dafuk! one day I wake up to see Momina Mustehsan trending #1 everywhere for all the bad reasons and all the nation is busy trolling her.  Waoowww!!  we are free AF we have nothing to do so lets troll.

Happy trolling everyone…..

6 thoughts on “Cyberbullying or Murdering

    1. Thank you so much for reading and pointing out and yes, point noted. I was trying to be a bit elaborative about the whole scenario thanks anyway


  1. Seems like this was a big story! And it’s rather sad, that she had to go through so much! It’s sad, for she seems like such a pure and beautiful lady! There are sides to this topic. There will always be a public opinion about a form of art and people would say things, about which, they clearly don’t know anything about! And that’s when it, just goes off the limits! It’s sad, but the truth! I hope people soon understand and just act sensible for once! But nvm.

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