Ahsas Zinda Honey Ka…


Sometimes I look in the mirror and think and talk to my self that what have I achieved in past 24 years, and what should I achieve in coming 24 years. I take a deep breath and laugh, because the past is past and the future is unknown; there is a saying that when you want to make God Laugh tell him your plans. Exactly my point. What are we doing what are we planing? When we don’t even know if we will be breathing the next moment or not, will we be able to see our Moms standing at the door saying goodbye to us every day? will we able to sip the Chai which she makes for us every morning and will we be able to sit and laugh with our friends inside our class or not, the reality is we don’t know. We are blindly running in a race to compete and win this race which has absolutely no gain whatsoever. We count our years our days and minutes, schedule our routine and we get so busy in life and its hustle and bustle that we totally forget to sit down and breath for a minute and be thankful for what we have, be thankful for the eyes from which we can see the greenery be thankful for the hands from which we can touch and feel the beautiful creation of God. Go to our parents and hug them and tell them how much we love them. When will we stop running and start living? Learn from our past, live in our present and be positive for our future. At the end of the day I am just a human we all are just humans; mortal souls. what I believe is we leave memories behind not buildings, lands or money. So, why not to make every moment worth it..

The beauty of Nature By Babrak Khan

45 thoughts on “Ahsas Zinda Honey Ka…

  1. The idea reagarding the reality of there is not even the next hour guarrente is somethng we all now but we dont remember frequently. I must appreciate your thought and writing deserve a clapping. Keep it up 🙂

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      1. Hazaron panon pe lakhon dafa likh sakta hon ANICA i love you par tum se ye keh na saka isi lie tum shayad naraz ho mjhse


  2. Every time i have a single free minute i look for questions to be answered here and that cat wali site. They mean a world. Your silence means atitude or just ?

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  3. Sadqay jaun at each nd every expression. Every word you type is something stays with me life long. I remember every single word related to you. Now the question is marna h mjhe?

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    1. Do you know me? The way you are referring to me it feels like we are life long friends lol and please don’t die already Zinda Raho Khush Raho


  4. Its natural for you to be act in a cold way as v ve never interacted face to face. I am just talking myself i am happy with the one way feelings i have. Mai sou martaba dewana hua.

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  5. Once in a moonlit night
    You and I stood side by side
    Like me you were waiting for words to leave my lips
    Suddenly you started drifting away without saying anything. Today I am standing at the same frozen spot all as always. Happy Valentine’s day my love

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  6. The best thing about fb is UA dp. Tmhe pta bhi nahi hoga Sara kia dhara OSI DP ka hai. Wese kia soch k WO pic li thi? Dil krta h tmhe sath betha k critical evaluation kr lon os ki 15 din tk


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