A talk with Nature

O silence of the night! why cant I be like you?

You stay alone all the time but you listen to all,

You stay awake to let others sleep all the night,

You travel everywhere yet stay where you are,

O light of the candle in the dark! Why cant I be like you? You burn yourself and give light to others,

With your one little self you fill the room,

You stay alone but let others groom,

O shooting star in the milky way! Why can’t I be like you? You break and burn and yet give hope to others,

You strike a line in sky and leave with a spark,

But yet never draw a line and make it permanent.

O sweet honey bee! why cant I be like you?

You work and sweat all day, but stay sweet at the night, you have your own self yet you obey to the one who gave you the identity and the option to chose,

O little wee ant! Why I can’t be like you?

You walk behind others in a line yet never lose your path, you work in groups yet never fight, you work today but still think about tomorrows flight, you don’t cry even when you sink with a group because you help them to rise together and do right, you work all day and yet stay up all the night.

Anica Hasanat

9 thoughts on “A talk with Nature

  1. Mera asman se taray Lana ka irada hai tumhare lie. Mout tk sath dene ka irada h tumhare sath bus ye bta do koi jaga bana pya hn tumhare dil mai apne lie


      1. I thought this place is all ours. Awam anay lag gaye hai yahan bhi. Do I need to write my real name? I don’t think so. Itna bharosa hai apne Muhabat pe


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