Shahrukh Khan as Bauaa Singh

Being SRK fan it’s very difficult for me to come up with any thing which I felt wasn’t right about the movie for me it was like “a bit of everything” yet had it’s own identity and standing kind of movie. I can not stop praising the amount of handwork done on this film. Shahrukh Khan’s acting and the entire movie in it self was a beautiful amalgamation of excellent acting and exceptional technology. The character of Bauaa Singh appears to be so believable and original in the film that you can’t even tell if Bauaa Singh is real or not. His dialogues and his chemistry with his best friend Guddu Singh played by the super talented Zeeshan Ayyub were the highlight of the movie because their relation has been given due importance in the movie and is kept till the very end of the movie. SRK justified his role and the entire character of Bauaa Sing convincingly and marks his place strongly in the movie. Now, talking about other characters

Katrina Kaif as Babita Kumari

Katrina Kaif usually does not come in my A- list “Actors” list to be very honest. I always look up to her for her dance and her beautiful looks and the persona she has but when it comes to acting I prefer so many other actresses than her. I agree beating her in dance and fitness is almost impossible for the good actresses like Vidya Balan or kangna Ranaut or any other method actresses in Bollywood but in acting her accent and flat dialogues does not actually impress me a lot. To my surprise her acting in Zero was actually really good as I did not expected that level of involvement in her character I thought i’ll mainly watch Anushka and Shahrukh and like “Thugs of Hindustan” she’ll be an eye candy here too but the use of her character to the plot was extremely important and crucial as Babita Kumari plays the main role in making Bauaa realise his love for Aafia, breaking Bauaa’s heart with such grace melted my heart and her troubled superstar expressions won million hearts am sure. Plus I also found her accent better this time and her dialogue delivery was convincing too apart from acting he looked like a bombshell, her moves to “Husn Parcham” are sexy and difficult and extravagant at the same time and her killing expressions and mood in “Heer badnaam” worths it all. In comparison to the “Thugs of Hindostan” Zero has marked Katrina Kaif this time as a good artist and this by far me Katrina Kaif’s best performance.

Anushka Sharma as Aaafia Yousafzai

In the first half of the movie we see Bauaa Sigh going in to flash backs to tell the story of his short affair with Aafia who is a middle age woman suffering from cerebral palsy but is a genius scientist, and they both meet through a matrimonial service which puts a limelight on the relationship of Aafia and Bauaa Singh who tries to do everything to woo this girl who he thinks is equal to him. Anushka Sharma in the first half does not seem be very promising with the character as I saw her struggling in acting or in acting a person in such condition which also effects the level of performance she give as the main lead of the movie I think perhaps they should have made Aafia’s character just disabled rather making her a person suffering from cerebral palsy as she can’t in act such a condition with conviction and making it believable for the audience was also not an easy job. I’d say it was not the best of her but she did a fair job and makes her mark, though it could’ve been much much better.

Aafia and Bauaa Singh

Over all for me zero is a family movie it takes you to a very different journey where you see the difference between passion, love and realisation of someone’s love for you and what you want from life and how to achieve it with a non giving up attitude. It makes you feel that no one is disable in fact every person who lacks in something is differently abled by God like the character of Bauaa and Aafia. They both depict Hope which is the most important aspect of life. The films music is great, the dance numbers emotional background score and the originality of them I must say was amazing as in Bollywood nowadays original music is truly a luxury and I am sick and tired of remixes to be honest. I’d rate it a 4.5/5 on Nickometer and hence it’s a SUPERHIT!!!!

17 thoughts on “#ZeroReview

  1. Not a single word regarding the dailoges. A line to remember from from the movie. A movie of Shushant singh is almost doing equaly good. Why none from srk is crossing 300 corors even after this exceptional one

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    1. I had spoken about his SrK work in the review and that his dialogues and performance is the best whatsoever a movie is just not about one man. There are many things to it too. Kedarnath did not cross 300cr btw Simba might lets see


      1. So you mean Ranveer singh and sara gets better movies. Better script, music. Srk was offered 3 iidiots whch he refused #princessKNIGHT

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      2. Music of Zero is far better than Simba’s “recreated” Remixed songs I believe first of all. People want to see Sara ali khans face too as she is gonna be an eye candy. I am accepting the fact that Zero was on SRK’s shoulders plus also 2nd half of the movie was dragged. As a fan i will love it but as a critic it was not up to the mark yet cant deny SRK’s input


  2. I don’t think rohit shetty masala is goin to work this time. You are right as sara is a new crush of India. I dnt see a major movie hitting cinema in the first half of 2019.

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    1. You are right, people will come to watch the movie for Sara ali khan and nothing else and to be very honest Simba is altogether a remake copied from south songs are also remixed and same visuals same heavy cars. In comparison Zero has years of conceptualisation and hard work for the VFx, almost 600 vfx artist have contributed in the visuals and every scene has been shot 5 times like what are you saying man.


  3. Youre right. Bollywood is good in creating romance rest is done by west 80’s of last century. Even if well exequted movies of low budget like ashqi 2 can do business. Must ve seen Maula jatt teaser. Ur first impresion?

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    1. I have, it really gives that Gladiator type feel that arena the fight scene seems like in troy and all Hamza ali abasi is legit giving Lothbrok feels for sure. What i am thinking is where is the essence of real Maula Jhatt. The trailer looks exciting so far lets wait and watch the movie. Am gonna write a review on the trailer soon


  4. I will be waiting for that particular review and lets hope its not one other thugs of Hindustan as i mentioned earliar gladiator is once made. Recape hazam nahe hona. Lets hope its more entertaining. Rate these singers from 1 to 3 Atif, Arjit, kumar Sanu

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  5. I will be waiting for that particular review and lets hope its not one other thugs of Hindustan as i mentioned earliar gladiator is once made. Recape hazam nahe hona. Lets hope its more entertaining. Rate these singers from 1 to 3 Atif, Arjit, kumar Sanu

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  6. Dont you thnk it was atif who started THIS kind of music in sub-continent. Remember the days when arjit startd career know as some one copyng atif. Mostly he sang epic aadat and he was not given equal oportunity becz of his nationality. Anyhow arjit is good LaL Ishq is song i am just listening

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    1. I agree with you some how Atif is is senior too what I am trying to say is that they all have specefic genres and types of music and they all are very different and all are very good at what they do.


      1. Din dhal jae hey raat Na jae tu tou Na aye Teri yaad satae. Do you remember the name of the movie this song was picturized on SRK?


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