Dont Fall for..

A calm seashore because a tsunami might just be hitting,

The silence of people because they might just be screaming inside but hiding,

The light of fire because it might get you burning,

For smiles, because people can sabotage a lot of crying,

The living of people because they might just from inside be suiciding,

For people who say they love you but they might be just showing,

Those friends who take your hand when they need you and hide when you do because they might just be using you,

Those flowers which are beautiful and attractive from the outside but In reality, they want to eat you,

Don’t fall for people who take pride in hurting you, who misconstruct your personality and only love you when you’re obeying.

The birds of prey eat hares because they lose the race, the deer is eaten by lions because pride hath its fall and leaving family behind was not the best choice overall, but the wolf she remains with the pack, she eats before she gets eaten, slays before she gets slaughtered.

Be the wolf…

23 thoughts on “Dont Fall for..

    1. Well, that’s not what I meant in the poem it’s more about the positive and strong points of a wolf. Even to your answer, I’d say Bella was attacked and taken and she went through hell when she was a human. When she became a vampire she kicked some serious assess. She became strong she started hunting she protected her entire family. and it’s not about “Who gets the girl”. it’s about empowering girls


  1. Here i would want to convert a famous quatation of shakespere in his book Hamlet:
    Oh love thy name is delusion.
    Oh muhabatt tere dusra nam dhoka hay fareeb hay,.
    Anyhow u became a good poet

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      1. Birds have the best view, they have best chances to escape and fly away. Which in this world we cant we have to stay and fight 👍🏻

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      2. It’s not merely figurative to have wings. It’s a possible state of mind if not body at all. When a relatively positive encounter is followed by an extreme opposite, as you have mentioned some of the notions, the middle ground is lost somewhere. Wings can help explore those. So can gills. The problem lies on the ground.

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      3. Yes, actually you are right the problem is on the ground and the state of mind. To have that state of mind is also a blessing not all can have it. I want to fly but I’ll probably say ahh i don’t have wings. But the thing is what I make my wings in entirely up to me. Realisation is the key

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  2. Hey this was so well written. I love the way you put across your thought . I am glad i came across this.

    Also i have just started out with my wordpress blog. This is my first step into writing. I write mostly about things i have faced in life and society and also about health.

    That’s my blog. i would really appreciate you guys to check it out and leave your comments on what you think i should work on.

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