My Morning Routine!! ​

Seems like it was just yesterday when I felt exhausted,

I Kept on thinking but had no clue about any of it,

therefore, I Sat on the couch and tried to calm my nerve and forget it,

Talked to myself for long, and thought; Is this what I really deserve?

Drank some water and took a deep breath, shattered I was but am I healed now? Is my pain relieved now? can I really breathe now?

Went to the bed and tried to sleep but the pillow won’t talk to me anymore and those curtains don’t content my privacy anymore, the silent walls scream to me louder now, and the button of my side lamp is broken from my continuous clicking but anyhow,

Laying there I stare at the fan, remembering how many time it saw my pain? Now, I remember how many times this pillow wiped my tears and this blanket gave me comfort, irrespectively I love them all.

When I close my eyes I see being alive in the place where I always wanted to be, there I see you stand so firm and concern about me,

Asking me in a dream how am I doing?

Oh! Well, why can’t you come and see,

I wake up and see it’s just old me and my blanky,

I realize it’s the nature which wants me to understand

Against all the odds it’s just me, and I have to stand,

Even in a dream after seeing you I have to admit,

It puts a smile on my face and I feel ready for the race,

and then I wash my face, clean all my thoughts again,

Trying to forget the pain, smile and then sustain,

Battle my demons and watch my dreams fade away,

But at the end of the day, it’s just me who is going to stay. so, I build my foundation strong, conceal my past, highlight my strengths and color my feelings, wear high level of confidence and smile away the girm on my face,

Because I must become the best version of this divinity.

4 thoughts on “My Morning Routine!! ​

  1. Thy Divine Grace Endears Me Much
    Every word, every thought, thy very touch
    Perchance we met on A Twitter tree,
    Conspired to meet by Divine decree
    A Long Lost friend or my missing Soul,
    You completed me, made me whole.
    Your poise, your grace, your effervescent smiles,
    Render void this Physical , Distance of miles
    The Air you breathed, this Morning though,
    Made its way to me, kissing your sweet brow,
    Fragrating my Soul’s Secret Stream,
    Where the silken breeze’s echoing scream,
    Reveberating Are You My Dream ?

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