What is love..

Love is the basis of this entire universe. This whole universe and everything within the universe was created by Allah(SWT) only for the love of one human being, his last messenger, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Allah almighty immensely & Intensely loves his creation, more than 70 mothers combined. For the admiration & joy of his most beloved and beautiful Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Allah will forgive millions of people and their sins. Because Allah’s last messenger, prophet Muhammed (pbuh) can’t see his followers suffering in misery. Again, that’s the unconditional and pure love of our prophet for us.

Islam is the religion of love and peace. Love is the most powerful and beautiful emotion. The most mentioned human relationship in the holy Quran is the relationship of husband and wife. The force that forces them to stay together for lifetime is the force of this beautiful feeling and purest emotion, called love. Love & compassion ensures the survival and continuity of all forms of life. Without love, life would come to an end. Where there is love there is life, smiles, happiness, hope, prosperity and faith. Hate only leads to ugliness, self destruction, despair, distrust and devastation. Love is the answer to all forms of hatred. Love means tolerance, acceptance, empathy, friendship, forgiveness and compassion. If we wish to be loved by Allah then we must show love and compassion to his creation and our fellow human beings, animals and plants. To win Allah’s love we must win his creation’s love. We must not hurt and harm his creation with our tongues and hands or in any other way. May Allah shower his love, mercy and blessings on all of us always and forever.

4 thoughts on “What is love..

  1. Beauty is also the biggest factor in Love, Allah Says “Allahu Jamil u Wa Uhibbul Jamal” Allah himself is beautiful and he likes beauty.

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