When am gone..

When am gone, will my pillows still smell like me?

When you’ll sit alone on my beloved Sofa ,

While Sipping the tea from my birthday cup,

While remembering me? will you ever get a hiccup?

Will I Still smile on your lips and cry in your eyes?

When you’ll be surrounded by friends, when it’s

warm outside but your hands still feel cold,

When you are in a crowd but still feel alone,

Will you ever miss me when am gone?

When you walk down our favourite road,

And See the empty flower pots, will you

Plant a rose and watch it grow?

When my memories drive you insane,

When it’s the morning after heavy rain,

Will you put your hands In your pockets

And sing my favourite song? When am gone,

The pages of my diary will stay empty,

And snowflakes on the window

Will always remind you,

That the time which passed

Will never come back,

This sunken boat will never row again,

But memorises you have are a big gain,

You can see my face and smile once again,

Start your day and cherish our time,

Like a fresh breeze i’ll touch your face

Everytime, I am the moonlight, I am

The smell you wear everyday,

Only when you realise

I am always with you, never away.

6 thoughts on “When am gone..

    1. Toh mat likho aap mainey apko nahi bolla likhney kay liye its my medium not yours i will not operate according to your wishes


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