Few Lines for My BFF..

I met you when my day was blue,

I saw you jumped out and I flew,

You gave me the wings of joy,

You touched my heart and turned it into Gold,

You made me more human than ever before,

You taught me to let go and smile,

You are my vodka and whisky,

You make my life more daring and risky,

You are open like a seagull flying in the sky,


I fail you at times I even made you cry,

I make you angry and even rage you,

I do not disappoint you but myself,

Please! Trust me, hang on a little longer,

If you wanna cry grab my shoulder,

We can never ever be apart,

Living in pain, Residing in hell,

I have lost all of me, no more

Why to cry now? when I

Shut my own door,

You are my partner in crime,

And a gift from heavens,

Near or far where ever you are,

You will always be my shining star..

This is dedicated to my best friend Jia❤️

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