Be your own kind of Bold..

No one and Nothing is worth your peace of mind, When you believe you are precious no one will ever be able rate you on anything. Beauty is inside you not outside. The people who like you on the basis of your external beauty are those who are enslave to their colonial thinking, narrow mind and poor vision alas! they can not see beyond the layers of skin. Their opinions should never shape you, you should Be your own Beautiful, Be your own intelligent and be your own kind of Bold.

No woman in this world needs validation for their intelligence, their beauty and their self confidence, No men in this world has the right to tell a woman how to live and what to do. We are not puppets we are not robots we are humans and we deserve to live like humans. Accepting what men do is also a crime for me, I want all the woman to speak up against injustice, Patriarchy, misogyny and the very BASIC right to speak up. #fuckpatriarchy #womenempowerment #girlsunited

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