Life of an Insomniac

You feel like you are left alone in this wide world and the human race has come to a rather catastrophic end where you somehow survived with severe injuries not to your body but to your soul. You are stuck in a place where you want to heal but you cant. It’s the feeling of being alienated and devastation, you feel betrayed because the person beside you who claims to love you falls asleep and you keep on looking at the ceiling fan rotating till it penetrates your self-esteem and you then start to go crazy. You want to shout but you don’t have voice, you want to cry but no shoulder to keep your head on. This feeling of loneliness, betrayal, alienation, sickness, unrest, rage and agony then compels you to eat the poison you don’t want to because it kills you from inside out and that too very slowly.

God! what do I ask for?

Perhaps a little rest and peace,

Normality and sanity,

Why was I made like this?

People say you think too much,

But then why did you give me brain?

I am curious and anxious,

I don’t want slow poisoning,

All I ask for is a little sleep.

I kill my self every day,

My murders are my thoughts,

Shut me down somehow,

The Voices in my head,

And my angels are all dead,

What do I ask for?

I don’t want yo befriend my demons,

God. Please! All I ask for is a little sleep.

21 thoughts on “Life of an Insomniac

  1. Some people fight
    Some people fall
    Other pretend they don’t care at all
    If you want to fight, I’ll stand right beside you, the day that you fall I will be right behind you
    To pick up the pieces, if you don’t believe me, just look into my eyes
    Because my heart never lies

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  2. Lying beside you and staring into your glittering eyes forever saying everything without speaking a single word, having no worry of losing you the trust you have from yourself. Yeme kia bakwas kr rha hn

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