Captivity of Negativity

Unlucky me , Lonely me, lurking in the shadows my soul wont sleep, And I know that the seed of my happiness will never reap, Deserted in my thoughts and scattered on the island of dreams, I can't seem to get in terms with hopes anymore, as all I hear are screams, Hopes are nothing … Continue reading Captivity of Negativity

I am gone..

Home but alone, Present but gone, Silent but talking, My heart screaming, Taken but single, Shouting and mourning, But face smiling and laughing, My heart pounding & renouncing, Shadows grows inside me, Friendships scare me now, My heaven is filled with fire, No more wish and desire, What’s real here I ask? What matters here … Continue reading I am gone..

What does India mean for a Kashmiri student? — Cafe Dissensus Everyday

By Suaid Rather, Mohammad Umar, and Sobia Bhat Why are Kashmiris attacked though? Why is that every time a Kashmiri is seen amongst Indians, s/he is seen as the other, an enemy, a terrorist or at least a supporter of some supposed terrorist outfit, thereby blurring the line demarking a civilian and a musketeer? via What … Continue reading What does India mean for a Kashmiri student? — Cafe Dissensus Everyday

What it takes to be a Woman?

cheers to the thought of equality ❤

Living Upbeat with Sehrish

Well, the more important the role of women is, the more controversial it has become over time in our society. It is sad to say that we are a pretty confused nation when it comes to women empowerment… when I look around, every women is talking about a different kind of empowerment altogether. It has become a theory like any religion, we treat this notion just like we treat our religions… we simply pick and choose and end up making our own definitions.

Anyhow, I don’t even think that this will be solved any sooner. The point here is to understand what empowerment really means. It’s also amazing how we have linked the word “empowerment” with women only. I being a humanitarian talk a lot about empowerment and its funny how many of the people around me think that I am only working for women empowerment or women rights.


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